Later that day…

Jason had just stopped by and was on his way out of town when he called to alert me to an interesting scene that would be passing the gallery momentarily. I grabbed the camera and I have to say, this was one of the stranger things I've ever seen. Yes, that's a golden retriever on the back! And another dog running alongside! I don't know where she was going. Or coming from…

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Happy Memorial Day

If you ever have the chance to see the "Rolling Thunder" you should definitely check it out. Hundreds and hundreds of bikes ride on Memorial Day to honor veterans. I'm not sure what their official site is, but if you google them you can get more info. They came through town today while I was at the gallery so I got a few good shots as they were passing through.

There's so many bikes!

And I'm jealous of some of the really sweet rides that I spotted in the group.

Yup, I'm a biker too (for adventure and gas savings…and the occasional head turn) so here's the view of the passing group with my ride in the foreground. I'm thinking of starting a local biker chic gang…any takers?

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Vickie & Neil

Engagement shoots are such a great way to get to know a couple. If this shoot was an indicator of how well the wedding day will go, then I'm in luck! I met up with Vickie and Neil this week at the UVM green which it turned out was appropriate since Neil just finished getting his BA in computer science. Congrats Neil! Vickie also was a UVM grad. Both are multi-talented, but we had fun bringing out their Ultimate skills with some action frisbee shots.

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in style

Jason's parents Dick and Barbara are up for a visit this weekend which is great since I haven't gotten to do much visiting lately. We had a great lunch from Park Cafe and then were treated to a little parade that made its way down Main Street. The "Moving Wall," which is the Vietnam War Memorial replica, is in town so the parade was part of that ceremony. But since it went right in front of the gallery we brought out a couple of sweet armchairs for some great viewing seats. Needless to say, the marching veterans got a kick out of it!

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Flowers for Katrina

My new friend Katrina visited yesterday because she was in need of some mentoring for a photography project she's doing for school. She's really enthusiastic about her plans to take some nice flower photographs and then donate her cheery artwork to a public space. Even though it was drizzly, we headed up to Taylor Park to find some cool shots and I got a couple of her in action. Hopefully the few tips I had will be useful in her project! Next she's visiting a teacher to learn photoshop techniques and then has a big presentation to prepare for.

Here's a couple of her at work and a few shots I took.

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