I want to start pointing out some of my favorite photographers. Check out Arno Minkkinen's website. I was introduced to Minkkinen's work while working at the Maine Photographic Workshops in Rockport Maine during the summer of 2000. They paid me in food, but the place was crawling with artists from all over the place who came to teach workshops and give artist's talks. We used to cram into this stuffy little theater where you could hardly breathe…it was great. It was so long ago, but I remember enjoying his work and appreciating his down to earth personality.

I lied…

In my first blog, I said I have no social agenda. That's not entirely true. A while ago I started work on a series of photos of power lines. In my work at the newspaper, I shoot a lot of cliche landscapy type stuff and power lines are always getting in the way. Partly because of that, and partly because several Vermont towns have rejected wind turbine projects arguing aesthetics, I started collecting photos with the lines cutting right through. Here's a shot from today (while out working on yet another project). Lately, so many ideas, so little time.

Jeff Wall

I read and enjoyed the article in the recent NY Times Sunday Magazine about Jeff Wall today. My education in contemporary photography is ongoing - art school unfortunately focused mostly on the distant past - so I always enjoy catching up. His work is interesting but I mostly appreciated the discussion about his evolution and process. Last night I was reading my most recent issue of Aperture and the contrast of the Times article was refreshing. Aperture puts a lot of effort into being over our heads and making us feel small. Or is that just me?

As I read the story I listed the other artists referenced so that I could later check out their work too. Why don't these artists have websites? It's surprising how few have their own.

Lights - 2

Lights - 2, originally uploaded by stinaplant.

Growing up close to farm country doesn't mean I fully "get it". A neighbor recently plowed through 3+ feet of snow to move some hay bales… at night. It was kind of like watching a strange movie. Hoping to take more night shots…Two more of these on flickr.

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Close up

I'm working on a series of macro flower shots. I took a ton of photos last weekend and despite their lack of narrative I'm happy with how they turned out. On the one hand, I appreciate meaningless abstractions that are just good to look at, while on the other I think of my art school friend and cringe at the thought of him looking at them. I have other projects in mind that have more of an agenda, but I think I've become so jaded from working at a newspaper that I'm less interested in making them. After all, a social agenda really needs a belief in change in order to go on. I'm not so sure society can. Whine, fume, complain…but drops of water are fun to look at. And they can still make someone feel something. More of these here.
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