Brooke & Noah

Here's just one of my favorites from a recent shoot with my friend Brooke and the arriving-soon Noah. I can't wait to meet the little guy! Looking at this photo is a little weird for me because Brooke and I are the same age and really at similar points in our lives, but I am sooo not there yet. It's also the first really close friend I've had who's been pregnant so it's been an opportunity to ask all the really weird questions about pregnancy! Anyway, I'm extremely happy for her and Rob (who sadly couldn't make it to the shoot).

Also leave some blog-love telling Brooke she's not a dork! I think she's being waay too self-critical and should be thinking of herself as the cutest little pregnant chick around!

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Landon and Mary

This past Saturday I photographed the wedding of Mary-Ellen and Landon here in St. Albans. They and their guests were only interested in having a rockin' day…which they did. I'm sure the fun lasted well into the night, long after I was gone! Below are some of the highlights from their day.

You just can't beat a cute flower girl and ring-bearer. These two shared a dance later in the evening. Who knows what this could blossom into!

I was so excited when instead of a limo, not one but three vintage cars arrived at the bride's house to carry her entourage to the ceremony. One really sweet Mustang and a couple of Studebakers…

We stopped in the park in downtown St. Albans to get some fun couple shots…

And I'm going to add this one to my favorites from this season. And it was totally their idea! The funny thing was that right after this photo was taken we all got in our cars to head to the reception, but their car actually did break down and they needed a jumpstart to get it going!

Congratulations to Mary and Landon!
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I love happy babies

Who could resist this face?! I love my job, especially when the babies are happy! Little eight-month-old Ella loved the camera last week during our studio portrait session with her parents Jodi and Brody. Here's a few of my favorites from the shoot. 

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Music was in the air…

I'm a little overdue in posting some more highlights from Neil and Vickie's wedding from July 5, but better late than never! During their sunny celebration, I realized what a talented group of musicians I was working with. The ceremony featured an opera sung by two of the bridesmaids and the reception featured a local polka band that both the bride and the groom play in! Neil even brought along his trumpet so that he could play along for some of the pieces. Details like that always make a wedding special because it's so personal and uniquely yours…

The happy couple outside the church in Burlington…

Neil's dad is a bit of car fanatic and loaned the couple this sweet ride for their trip to the reception…

Not many bridal parties will climb a tree for group photos!

The sunset ballroom…

Flawless dancers…

Yay! We were blessed with a beautiful sunset in the evening and took full advantage of it.

Congratulations to the Waceks!

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Turkey Fry '08

It started last year when I just wanted to fry a turkey. It was a good reason to have a party since I wasn't going to eat the whole thing myself, so friends came and brought other goodies to fry. It quickly became a culinary "experiment" and we decided to continue the tradition this year.

What can you fry? Anything! The menu last night included turkey, chicken wings, french fries, zucchini and squash, rhubarb, eggs, pickles, dough (mmmm), snickers, twinkies, fruit and some other items. I made a weak attempt at ice cream but that plan kind of melted.

The strategy: batter it and blast it. Here's the second bubbling turkey.
Gabe and Luma (?Lula). She was such a good dog.
Peter keeping Tobi occupied. I think he needs a dog!

The carvings…
Fried dough was delicious. My favorite this year.
My parents and friends contemplating what time they will wake up in the middle of the night suffering the repercussions of the eating orgy.
Like father, like son.

And if there's one thing we learned all night it is not to trust Ethan with the Oreos…ever.

No news yet on how the car ride home went!
The girls building stick structures…my kind of girls!

Karen picking at the bird.
Marcin brought the pickles. They were surprisingly good.
Becca feeling the tryptophan.
The dogs knew where it was at…anywhere under a plate.
And the kids this morning…a little hungover.
I'm so glad everyone made it over. With my busy schedule it really means a lot to me to be able to hang out with everyone, so thanks guys!
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Sneak Peek: Neil and Victoria

It takes a certain guy…and a tall guy…to pull off a tuxedo with tails, and Neil was one of those guys. Paired with Vickie's beautiful dress and upswept curls, they made a classic pair. One of my initial faves…
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More McCormicks

Here's some more pics from Cielo and Richard's Fourth of July wedding. Some of my favorites this time were the black and whites.

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Locals know that one of the best places around for breakfast is Sneakers in Winooski. So I was excited when Cielo and Richard wanted to stop on the way to the reception for some quick shots. I'm still editing, but here's one of my favorites from their day.
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A Marathon

This weekend was a whirlwind of weddings and fourth of July celebrations. Let me just give a tip to my fellow wedding photographers…if you are shooting on the fourth of July, plan your route and then call each town to find out what their PARADE SCHEDULES are!!! My heart sank to my toes Friday morning when I reached Jeffersonville only to find a parade blocking the only route I could take to get to my bride getting ready at the salon in Stowe. But again, my wedding superpowers kicked in and I found a gas station employee (whom I will track down and thank profusely) who gave me the weirdest but best directions to circumnavigate the obstacle. Yay! Only five minutes late.

Needless to say, the weather was magnificent for both Cielo and Richard on Friday, and Victoria and Neil on Saturday.

Because I'm crazy, I also had a race Sunday morning. It was the can't-miss-it Bay Day race in my hometown. I think I'm on my seventh year now. Last year my Dad joined my team, which also includes Jason, and he's been doing the bike section of the run-bike-canoe/kayak for almost 23 years. My schedule has been so busy that I had no time to train for my solo 4 miles in my Dad's new kayak. My arms were on FIRE. I won't be picking up a camera anytime soon. We placed respectably and had a great time.

Afterwards I finally got some well deserved R&R at my parents house. There's nothing like floating in a tube with cold beer. The doggies swam all afternoon too. The pic above is of Maddie drying out her tennis ball.

The weekend ended with a drive-by-shooting (camera not gun) of the local fireworks display.

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