A Marathon

This weekend was a whirlwind of weddings and fourth of July celebrations. Let me just give a tip to my fellow wedding photographers…if you are shooting on the fourth of July, plan your route and then call each town to find out what their PARADE SCHEDULES are!!! My heart sank to my toes Friday morning when I reached Jeffersonville only to find a parade blocking the only route I could take to get to my bride getting ready at the salon in Stowe. But again, my wedding superpowers kicked in and I found a gas station employee (whom I will track down and thank profusely) who gave me the weirdest but best directions to circumnavigate the obstacle. Yay! Only five minutes late.

Needless to say, the weather was magnificent for both Cielo and Richard on Friday, and Victoria and Neil on Saturday.

Because I'm crazy, I also had a race Sunday morning. It was the can't-miss-it Bay Day race in my hometown. I think I'm on my seventh year now. Last year my Dad joined my team, which also includes Jason, and he's been doing the bike section of the run-bike-canoe/kayak for almost 23 years. My schedule has been so busy that I had no time to train for my solo 4 miles in my Dad's new kayak. My arms were on FIRE. I won't be picking up a camera anytime soon. We placed respectably and had a great time.

Afterwards I finally got some well deserved R&R at my parents house. There's nothing like floating in a tube with cold beer. The doggies swam all afternoon too. The pic above is of Maddie drying out her tennis ball.

The weekend ended with a drive-by-shooting (camera not gun) of the local fireworks display.

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