Matt & Mira

When you find out that a couple has been together for eight years, you would expect that their wedding day would be a breeze. But it's really sweet when even after a couple has been together that long that you can still see that look when their eyes meet.

Matt and Mira's day went so smoothly and the reception was a blast. I love fun people!
Helping hands…
A proud father…
Matt and Mira's cutie Megan had fun in her frilly dress all day.
But, it's funny to see how fast a 16-month-old can go from sweet to not-so-happy!

We lucked out with the weather too…sunny skies for all of our portraits.A few moments away from the group…

Taking advantage of the setting sun.

Congrats to Matt and Mira!
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Heather & Jason Esession

It was fun and weird for me to shoot Heather and Jason's engagement pics last week. Not because they're weird, but because Heather and I played softball together in high school which now seems eons ago. Heather was a pretty serious kick-ass (scuse my french) pitcher with something like a 60 mph windmill. Seriously. We were the unstoppable state champs of course during her tenure.

So, I'm used to seeing cleats, not high heels!
They were a great couple to shoot.

But it's still weird when you have one of those revelations that you're a grown-up now!
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Solstice Celebration

I haven't been out much lately, but I was able to make it to the annual Solstice party at the Kittell's on Friday night. I love it when it stays light out so late that the sky is still dimly lity when I go to bed. It reminds me of Alaska. The spread at this party is always amazing with the best home cooked potluck around.

A good bonfire is always on tap.

Bill (left).
A pile of sparklers and noisy things.

That's how we roll. Nothing like an IPA.
And of course there is always a fireworks display…

It looks like tons of sparkly stars.
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The Sparkling Jewells

I'm a little behind posting my favorites from last weekend's wedding in St. Johnsbury with Evan and Melissa, but I was also busy this week shooting the very talented soloists for 2008 for the Vermont Youth Orchestra. But hopefully you've already checked out the slideshow for this rockin' couple!

Typically I don't get to spend much time with the guys before the wedding, but due to hair appointments and such I got to hang a little with the boys which was fun. Beers and cigars…my kind of guys!

But Melissa looked beautiful in her dress and the grounds around the Alerin Barn proved to be picture-perfect.

The guys also looked great in their tuxes…tuxes that arrived just in time!

And this is one reason why getting married in Vermont is the best…and tractor-drawn wagon!

I love those little snags that turn into a hilarious moment.

Lush greenery and great ponds…

And the revelry when on long into the night in the fabulous barn.

Congrats to Evan and Melissa!
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Jewell Preview

Here's the slideshow preview from Melissa and Evan's day at the Alerin Barn in St. Johnsbury this past Saturday. More photos to come!

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Steve & Aimee

More pics from last weekend's wedding with Steve and Aimee. Not bad for a broken nose (healing well by the way). Enjoy!

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Hey Guys!

Wow, I've been holding onto that post title since this couple signed me for their June 7 wedding last fall (their last name is Guy)! Actually, before Saturday I hadn't met Aimee and Steve who live in Connecticut. It was Aimee's mom Marianne who found me through a friend who lives in this corner of Vermont. I was very pleased to meet a cute, happy and fun couple who were both out to really soak up their wedding day. The whole day took place at the Basin Harbor Club in Vergennes, VT which is a beautiful spot. Think, waterfront, colorful adirondack chairs, and a classic inn. Below are a few highlights from the day.

I arrived early and relaxed with Aimee and her bridesmaids. She had such a cute dress…

I had to steal the ring-bearer's shades to get this one…

No signs of stress…

One of my favorites…

The forecast threatened thunderstorms, but we couldn't have asked for a better day!

Congratulations Aimee and Steve!

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Just my Luck

So, I've been gearing up for the official start of wedding season which kicked off this past Saturday. I had all my ducks in row and even a had a good night's sleep. The weather was perfect too. And then a few hours before I was slated to leave a very unfortunate thing occurred. I was going to mow the lawn for an hour before getting ready and decided to let the dogs out of their "area." As I unlatched the fence, I bent over to pick something up and the next thing I knew my head was ready to explode. My wonderful dog Tobi, who is a mix between a lab and a rottweiler and has a tank for a head, ran through the gate and straight through my face. I managed to not pass out, but when I checked myself out in the mirror, …well, let's say my nose wasn't where it was supposed to be. Yes, I…ahem…"shifted" things back to where they were supposed to be and then could do nothing but get ready to go! Try as I could, I don't think the incident was very well masked by the make-up I applied and my eye continued to swell as I shot happy couple portraits during my wedding shoot.

This is what it looked like when I got back to the studio Saturday night.

And this is what it looks like today. Yup, no filters. So, now I hope all of my present and future clients understand my level of dedication!

Anyone know what kind of doctor you're supposed to see about this?
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