Just my Luck

So, I've been gearing up for the official start of wedding season which kicked off this past Saturday. I had all my ducks in row and even a had a good night's sleep. The weather was perfect too. And then a few hours before I was slated to leave a very unfortunate thing occurred. I was going to mow the lawn for an hour before getting ready and decided to let the dogs out of their "area." As I unlatched the fence, I bent over to pick something up and the next thing I knew my head was ready to explode. My wonderful dog Tobi, who is a mix between a lab and a rottweiler and has a tank for a head, ran through the gate and straight through my face. I managed to not pass out, but when I checked myself out in the mirror, …well, let's say my nose wasn't where it was supposed to be. Yes, I…ahem…"shifted" things back to where they were supposed to be and then could do nothing but get ready to go! Try as I could, I don't think the incident was very well masked by the make-up I applied and my eye continued to swell as I shot happy couple portraits during my wedding shoot.

This is what it looked like when I got back to the studio Saturday night.

And this is what it looks like today. Yup, no filters. So, now I hope all of my present and future clients understand my level of dedication!

Anyone know what kind of doctor you're supposed to see about this?
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