Goodbye blogger…

So, I'm sorry old blog, but this will be my last post here. Sniffle…tear. But don't worry, your old posts will live on here for people to come back to in years to come.

But hooray, I'll still be posting on the new blog!! Yes, I've made the move so that I can bring you bigger and juicier photos! If you're a regular visitor…and I so appreciate that you are…just click this link and you can either bookmark or re-subscribe to the new one. I'm sorry to be a pain, but I promise it will be worth it.

I'm going to spend the rest of this month posting on the new blog a look back on the past year in photos for Stina Plant Photography. I'll also be posting updates about plenty of good stuff, like my website(s), special offers and just new things going on. It's been a great year and I'm excited for 2009. 

So don't forget, 

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After such a crazy summer it was nice to get out of town and spend some time with family again. This year was our turn to head down to Manchester for the feast. While I missed my fam, it was so great to see everybody in Jason's family!

BJ and Sandi got a new puppy who stole the show…little Juniper. 

She was at first a little scared and then super interested in what Maddie and Tobi were up to. Maddie, having helped us raise Tobi was great with the pup, but Tobi who is essentially an 85 lb. baby was a little "touchy." Especially when she got near his sensitive toes.

He was actually pretty scared of her. It was a lesson in teaching both the puppy boundaries and the dog not to be rude.

But with this kind of treatment, it's no wonder that he's spoiled.
Maddie, who runs a little hot, turned out to be a good door-sock.
And yes, our fascination with frying things finally took over Thanksgiving. Now that we have our own frying pot, it was time to cook the bird Texas-style. Jason's little MacGuyver move did the trick in keeping he and BJ from getting splashed with boiling oil.

It was deelicious. And we had a great time. Nothing better than good friends and good family!

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My mullet

Ah, the good ole' days. My former softball coach, Tim Smith, from…jeez I can't even remember, I think it was fourth grade… dropped this off at the studio today. Apparently the rec department has been cleaning out some closets and has dug up more than a few old photos.

Yup, I sported a mullet back then. I can't wait to send this to Kate, one of my best friends who was actually just over yesterday for a visit while she's home from Seattle. Kate is just finishing her PhD in chemistry (super smarty pants) and goes back after Thanksgiving to defend. So proud of her… I think playing softball was really when we became friends so funny timing that this photo should pop up. We seemed to have different opinions about tucked vs. untucked.

I don't remember too much about the team, but I vaguely recall being some kind of champions?! Of course we were…
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St. Albans Fog

On my way home last night, it was super foggy so I just had to stop to take some pics. This one's straight out of the camera. I'll post more later.
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It has been a while since I last posted, mostly because I'm still trying to catch my breath from the crazy summer I just had. But wedding season was officially over for the year a couple of weeks ago so I'm starting to get caught up.

I have a TON of senior photos to share from this fall. I'm excited to show you some of my favorites. …And engagement photos from some of my happy couples gettin' hitched next summer.

In recent developments, I left my job at the St. Albans Messenger not long ago. After a 5.5 year stint it was just time to move on and really focus on what I want to do. It's been a weird adjustment and I have NO IDEA what's going on in the news! I'm definitely happy with the decision and soo ready for this next phase of my life. But it really struck home when I was recently asked who my employer was and I had to say "self-employed"!!!

And I'm also engaged myself now and planning my own wedding for next summer at the same time that I'm booking dates for other couples! Another strange adjustment to be on this side of the fence, but it's such a happy time! And no, I do not know who my wedding photographer will be. Sheesh…I feel like Adam Sandler (you know, the Wedding Singer?)

So soon I promise I will post some pics!
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Gregg & Danette

Last Saturday marked my last wedding of the 2008 season. And what a great note it was to go out on…

Again, this was like a mini high school reunion for me. Gregg, the groom, and I graduated together. I guess we're all just that age! He's been living out in San Diego since college so it's been a good 8 years since I've seen him.

I don't know why, since this happened a few times this summer, but when I'm booked by someone I know I don't even think about how many guests I'll probably know until the day of and then I suddenly get all excited that I'll be seeing some old friends! 

Saturday turned out to be a great day too. Somewhat chilly but that's to be expected in October in Vermont.

I stopped by the groom's parents house first to check on the guys. The rings were awesome…

Gregg buttoning up…

My first time meeting Danette was on Saturday. I was so happy to find a bold, beautiful and happy bride!

The beadwork on the dress was stunning and I looooved the champagne color. Perfect for fall.

Let's do a count… I shot five weddings this summer at the Holy Angels Church in St. Albans! It's a popular spot. I love this area where the groom waits pre-ceremony.
Danette only lost her cool for a brief moment before the ceremony, but she pulled it all together perfectly once it was time to walk down the aisle.

And rumor has it that these Californians (I can't say California without thinking of the way Arnold says its…he,he) might be trading the sun for the snow soon. After the ceremony, we took a drive to the plot of land the couple recently purchased with a great view of Lake Champlain. 

And we caught the last of the good foliage last weekend too. Gold and orange make a great backdrop. 

I love this dance sequence. The reception was held at the Edson Hill Manor in Stowe. I had not been there before and was pleased with the cozy atmosphere, stunning scenery, and awesome slate dance floor.

Just before I left, I managed to steal the couple away for a parting shot. Danette didn't mind giving her feet a break for a minute!

Congrats Gregg and Danette … and I'll probably be seeing you soon!
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Tony & Courtney

Saturday dawned another beautiful fall day and although Tony and Courtney's ceremony and reception were both indoors, it's always nice to have a sunny day for a wedding! These two pulled the day off perfectly…a challenge for a couple coming from out of town. Well, they weren't entirely out-of-towners…

Tony grew in St. Albans and Courtney actually worked at a veterinary clinic here which is how the two met. A co-worker set them up on a blind date and the rest was history.

I loved the funky flowers that the guys wore for boutonnieres. (I'm not a flower person so I have no idea what they were?!)

Courtney's bouquet was beautiful too with lots of green and those same quirky flowers. I love lots of green…

The two flower girls were too cute with their almost identical missing teeth. Can you tell they're sisters?

The bride finally emerged from the limo-van once all the guests had arrived at St. Pauls Methodist Church.

You could see the joy in both their faces during the ceremony.

The church was right across the street from Taylor Park, one of my favorite shooting locations in St. Albans and the foliage was perfect.

This hot white corvette whisked the couple off to the reception at the Doubletree Hotel in Burlington.

The couple made it easy for me to get plenty of shots of intimate moments dancing, one of my favorite things to do…

Congratulations Tony and Courtney! Best wishes!

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Jeremy & Jamie

This couple may look slightly familiar since I just shot Jeremy's sister Angela's wedding to Tommy just a couple of weeks ago. Busy summer for this family! And now  his sister Lisa is getting married next fall…so that only leaves Kyle (hint, hint, buddy!). But I couldn't have asked for a nicer family to work with not once but twice.

And again I brought my good-weather juju with me as it was a sunny and unseasonably warm Friday at the Pigeon Hill Stables in Berkshire. And the barn was beautifully decorated with leaves, grape vines and flowers from the venue's gardens. It looked like a woodland fairytale!

And that was just the first time I saw Jamie tear up that day…

Jamie wore the most gorgeous lace dress from Sewly Yours in Burlington. 

And she looked absolutely stunning!

I love this glimpse of Jamie with her two sisters in the bathroom putting on the finishing touches.

Nervous joy…
The timing of the day was perfect and I had just enough time to walk the short distance to the guest house that the guys had rented for their getting-ready location. It's funny how much confusion there always seems to be as to how to tie a tie. I think I should learn so that I can help the fellows out.

The breathtaking ceremony site right outside the reception barn.

This was one of my favorite shots of the couple and it was a completely stolen moment where I hadn't posed them at all. They were too cute together…

They dancing, eating and revelry went on into the crisp October night. 

Congratulations Jamie and Jeremy!!

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