My mullet

Ah, the good ole' days. My former softball coach, Tim Smith, from…jeez I can't even remember, I think it was fourth grade… dropped this off at the studio today. Apparently the rec department has been cleaning out some closets and has dug up more than a few old photos.

Yup, I sported a mullet back then. I can't wait to send this to Kate, one of my best friends who was actually just over yesterday for a visit while she's home from Seattle. Kate is just finishing her PhD in chemistry (super smarty pants) and goes back after Thanksgiving to defend. So proud of her… I think playing softball was really when we became friends so funny timing that this photo should pop up. We seemed to have different opinions about tucked vs. untucked.

I don't remember too much about the team, but I vaguely recall being some kind of champions?! Of course we were…
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