Turkey Fry '08

It started last year when I just wanted to fry a turkey. It was a good reason to have a party since I wasn't going to eat the whole thing myself, so friends came and brought other goodies to fry. It quickly became a culinary "experiment" and we decided to continue the tradition this year.

What can you fry? Anything! The menu last night included turkey, chicken wings, french fries, zucchini and squash, rhubarb, eggs, pickles, dough (mmmm), snickers, twinkies, fruit and some other items. I made a weak attempt at ice cream but that plan kind of melted.

The strategy: batter it and blast it. Here's the second bubbling turkey.
Gabe and Luma (?Lula). She was such a good dog.
Peter keeping Tobi occupied. I think he needs a dog!

The carvings…
Fried dough was delicious. My favorite this year.
My parents and friends contemplating what time they will wake up in the middle of the night suffering the repercussions of the eating orgy.
Like father, like son.

And if there's one thing we learned all night it is not to trust Ethan with the Oreos…ever.

No news yet on how the car ride home went!
The girls building stick structures…my kind of girls!

Karen picking at the bird.
Marcin brought the pickles. They were surprisingly good.
Becca feeling the tryptophan.
The dogs knew where it was at…anywhere under a plate.
And the kids this morning…a little hungover.
I'm so glad everyone made it over. With my busy schedule it really means a lot to me to be able to hang out with everyone, so thanks guys!
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