I LOVE the internet

So, I honestly don't know how I would survive without the internet. Really. I used to think I would be pretty good at survival in a mad-max kind of world were that ever to happen, but now I'm thinking that I might have a melt-down without my beloved internet. I have a real life that I enjoy very much, but I've realized that my cyber-life adds such a level of efficiency, personal interaction, education, sharing, opportunity, entrepreneurial advantage, etc., etc., that it really adds a richness to my life.

Take for example the wealth of information available. I'm like a sponge when it comes to learning new things or teaching myself how to do something. Geeky, yes. I've come to learn the value of a good online forum, especially when it comes to photography. There's so many different ways to do things and equipment can be so expensive that it's extremely useful when learning the how-tos and avoiding the mistakes of others.

One of my favorite new forums is the opensourcephoto forum. I only recently joined, but it seems like a really honest and knowledgeable and helpful community. I'll soon be starting a list of good forums to link to in my sidebar, but this one is a great place to start.
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