Brian and Sam

Samantha was the kind of bride that had everything worked out to a "T" and even with being a huge do-it-yourselfer, she was so completely organized. The day went perfectly and all of her planning and crafting was worth it! From the flowers to the table settings to the big white bus that whisked the wedding party from location to location, it all just came together. Well, Sam's mom Shannon might argue that it was a little bit more than that! Good job ladies!

We started at Sam's parents house where the huge bridal party readied. Little Izzy I think felt a little neglected.

At the church in Enosburg Brian was only a little nervous. Here the rings are carefully taken into custody.


Flower girl Kennedy was a quick one, but we manage to catch her a few times.

Some more of my favorites…

Yummy cupcakes.

Oh, those dancing shoes…

Congratulations Brian and Sam!

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