Tommy & Angie

Every wedding is unique, but this one was especially new to me as I was able to watch two very special people tie the knot. Tommy has been one of my little sister's best friends forever…so seeing him get married last weekend was akin to watching a little brother get married. I had a few moments of looking on in awe, comparing the guy standing there in a tux to his younger self who used to push my sister in the pool and clean out our fridge.

I think Tommy has found his perfect match in Angie…someone who's sweet and kind and comes with a huge family of people just like her. So while I was a little nostalgic all day, I couldn't have been happier for these two kids!

Here's some of my favorites…

I love the look of pride and joy on Angie's dad Tom's face!

I forgot to mention that Tommy comes as part of a pair…those childhood memories of him are only complete with Casey in the picture too, so this picture is a classic in my mind.

Angie wanted to replicate this shot that her grandparents had taken when they were married and I think we came pretty close.

They really do make a beautiful couple.

We couldn't throw rice at the church so we had to wait and do it at the inn where we took the formal photos, but it made for a fun shot!

Congratulations Tommy and Angie! I wish you all the best!
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