VT and NH

I haven't had a break in a while, so it was super exciting to have a mini-vacation this weekend! Thanks to my folks not only watching the gallery, but also baby-sitting the menagerie, and not having a wedding to shoot, I had four whole days off! Woah…

We had so much fun and had great weather the whole time. I'm actually human-colored now! Friday night we camped out at Lake Elmore for the annual Booth family camping trip which is always fun. Here's Azzie getting a little giddy waiting for dinner…

And Marjohn getting a little grumpy waiting for dinner…

But since Bobbi-Jean and Sandy are the masters of camping, dinner didn't take long to cook and was deeelicious.

Dinner was followed by several of us retiring to the campfire for a little cigar smoking…

Then Saturday Jason and I headed over to Lake Winnipesaukee for a few days of r&r with our good friends PJ and Rebecca. It's so much fun to hang out with them because we never get bored, and they also appreciate having "down-time" too. And all of our activities involved cocktails such as my Mojito below.

The greatest thing is that PJ and Jason have been friends forever…literally, since they were wee tots. You don't find that very often! I just think it's so great that whenever they reconnect it's like no time has passed. 

Sunday we went for a hike. Here's evidence of what it's like to hike with Jason. He's always first…

Except when I jump ahead for photo opps. 

Hey, it's a picture of me! I hate photos of myself but if I don't force someone to take shots like this, there will be very little record of my existence after I die…the photographer's dilemma.

PJ points out to Rebecca all of the coves of the lake visible from the top of the fire tower.

I loved this lamp at the house we stayed at. 

PJ loves to fish. The night attempt yielded few results.

And it was a super meatilicious weekend too, ending with our rotisserie-cooked chicken. It was as good as it looks.

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