Rich & Tasha

I knew it was going to be a beautiful day as I drove through the Notch to get to the Trapp Family Lodge in Stowe. I was heading there to shoot the wedding day of Rich and Tasha. Rich, formerly known as "Richie," and I went to school together from the elementary years on up. He was always a bit of prankster so when I saw him again for the first time at our 10-year reunion a couple of years ago with Tasha he was suprisingly…well, um, mature! (No offense Rich!) Tasha seemed like a great match for him with her upbeat and engaging personality. A reunion can be a tough place for significant others, as Jason can attest, but she seemed to have just as good a time as we did…maybe even more.

So I was really excited when they asked me to shoot their ceremony in Stowe. It's always great when you know the crowd you'll be working with is a fun one. 

I started in the bridal suite capturing the girls getting ready. There was one panicked phone call from a groom who couldn't locate his suit, but he eventually found it. You know you're working with a cool bride when in the face of what might seem like a minor emergency she shrugged it off and even came up with funny solutions…like just ties and boxers! Luckily it didn't come to that.

Tasha and her mom seemed to have a really sweet, close relationship too. I caught them more that once in an embrace, laughing about this or that…

And I'd say the same of she and her Dad who was more of a cool character who preferred to sit back and observe.

I don't get to work with props very often, so I was thrilled when she brought out this paper parasol for portrait time.

And the kicker was that the two were already married! They had a small church ceremony on 08.08.08 so there was no problem with taking some couple portraits before the ceremony.

Tasha's from Hawaii, so her father brought these beautiful authentic leis for the ceremony.

The backdrop was stunning!

And this never happens, but that's me (on the right)! Several people thought it was only appropriate to have a BFA class of '96 photo so the bride took this shot. Good job Tasha! Pete and Pat were Rich's partners in crime in high school so I was a little worried that they might pull some prank on me, but they didn't and the evening went smoothly. I guess we're all adults now…

It was really great to see old friend as well as shoot a fun couple. 

Congrats to Rich and Tasha and thanks for the fun night!

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