Jason & Heather

Knowing Heather, it came as no surprise that she showed no sign of nerves at all in the hours leading up to the ceremony. And if similarity is a sign of a good match, then Jay is perfect for Heather. Even Father Roy tried to coax the groom into showing a hint of nervousness…but it didn't work.

This was a fairytale day for Heather, complete with the pouffy princess dress. The weather was perfect and unseasonably warm. 

This little one needed a few shots before she warmed up to the camera, but once she did…oh, boy, she was ready for her close-up!

See? No sign of nerves!

I think the MOH, Erin and and Heather's mom were more nervous trying to get the dress tied.

I love to see a smile on the groom's face as the bride makes her way down the aisle.

Heather and Jay made sure to include their dog Chaos (what a perfect name!) in a few of the post-ceremony formals. He was super excited to see everybody, but he was such a good boy. Not chaotic at all…

Vermonters can often take the foliage season for granted because, well, it does happen every year. But every year there are moments when, as a photographer and as a Vermonter, that it just takes my breath away.

The reception was a blast with tons of dancing. This is one of my all-time favorite first dance shots!

Congratulations Heather and Jay!
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